Monday, July 7, 2008

Marrying Technology with Creativity

In order to tap the online medium effectively for branding and advertising it is critical to understand what the medium is capable of doing. This means not only having a working knowledge and understanding of the capabilities that the latest web authoring languages and web development software provides, but also use this technical know how to execute focused, interactive messages to customers creatively.

One such technology employed time and again is using system time in screensavers. One of the pioneering brands to do this was Tag Heuer with their screen savers. What’s more, we have even seen a number of innovative banner ads that have captured a viewer’s system time. One of the most memorable of such ads was the FedEx ad, which arranged FedEx boxes in the shape of a digital clock. Recently I came across yet another ad that cleverly synergises this technology with simple yet well executed graphics and copy.

The ad in question was for Rolex and associated the brand with the heritage of Wimbledon. The ad starts with highlighting some of the games greatest moments at Wimbledon and ended with a shot of the face of the watch, which displayed the system time and date with the heading saying – ‘One face has seen it all’. This is a clever use of marrying technology with branding. The placement of the ad also played a critical role in its success as it was found on the Tennis section of Viewers who are truly captivated with this ad can even head over to the Rolex website where they can download screensavers with a number of different Rolex watches showcased, all accurately displaying system time.

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