Friday, June 27, 2008

So why use a splash page in the first page?

In the previous post I discussed problems associated with sites using splash pages. Here I touch upon why a Flash page should be incorporated into a site.

Flash splash pages are ideal when the web designer needs to test browser / plug-in compatibility, choose screen sizes, or provide an option between a high bandwidth flash enabled site and a low bandwidth HTML one. The splash page acts as the cross roads of a process funnel, directing users how they may interact with the site. It is also ideal for sites that need to post warning message or disclaimers about the content of the site, or if the site is multi lingual.

Splash pages are often used by creative boutiques, individual photographers, designers as an ability to showcase creativity. Here the intro Flash can help set the mood to highlight how the company wishes to promote its services, people expect such companies to be able to dazzle with their creativity and such an intro to a site is often expected.

When and if a Flash Splash page is to be used there are ways to increase the effect. One way is to use a cookie to track if a user is a repeat user. This will then automatically redirect the user to the home page bypassing the Flash-Splash. Using a text or graphic ‘Enter Site’ is an ideal alternative for skip intro and helps people who may be new to the internet. Users usually expect flash pages to load slowly, providing the user interesting facts in the pre-loader or an activity to do while they wait for the splash to load is good way to keep them occupied and prevent them from switching sites.

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