Saturday, May 15, 2010


The first shocking thing about this post is how long it has taken for me to put it up.  I am shocked with myself ! It’s been lying half written for such a long time in my In-box. It began when I came across two shocking things in the paper recently both concerning Apple. The first one that I saw was that the iPad seems to be screwing up WiIFi networks. What was really interesting was that not only were some American universities like Princeton and George Washington University banning the thing, an entire country – Israel had done the same because it meddles with local WiFi. Israel is not letting tourists visiting the country carry an iPad. An interesting fact if you think that Israel portrayed the impression of being a high-tech country. So if you landed in Israel you found yourself forking out a hefty sum if you have to store your iPad for more than 48 hours. What was more hilarious was that as an alternative, Israeli customs allowed tourists to sell their iPad to people travelling abroad and had to produce their plane ticket as proof. 

Then there was that ruckus about how an Apple employee lost a next generation iPhone which was found and sold to Gizmodo which promptly tried to bisect it and put it up on its website for the world to see. Head over there if you want to have a look at where the iPhone is heading.  

More recently I came across an article that stated that Steam was finally released for the Apple. This is a harbinger that gaming is finally finding its way to the puritanical Mac. Which is not too bad a thing if you think of the renowned crystal clear clarity of the Apple displays?