Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Future of Computing

A quick look at what’s retailing in IT stores reveals an interesting trend. The price of entry level computing seems to be dropping. However, this remains untrue for state-of-the-art, truly cutting-edge hardware. Also the revision time between two successive product releases are falling drastically. This is very evident in the graphic card industry, what with Nvidia launching a new card so close on the heels of its nine series cards. The new second generation of graphic cards not only pack a punch, but cost as much as an entry level assembled PC for most Indians.

So has anything changed since the inception of computing in our country? A close look at the online scenario and you will realise that over the years a number of online applications have popped up. What’s more these applications are offered free of cost! This reduces the cost of purchasing legitimate software, as these online versions are equally versatile as compared to popular installable software. The list of such applications is endless and I will not even attempt to start listing these out here, a few notable ones that come to the mind include Google Notes, and Adobe’s Photoshop Express. We see more and more online applications being built that replace desktop software, perhaps this is where the future of computing lies.

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