Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tech thoughts from Goa Fest

Last weekend was Goa Fest, the gathering of all advertising professionals across India. Once again we walked away with an award, this being the second award ceremony R K SWAMY Interactive is attending this year. Winning bronze in the interactive category where there were no gold and only three silvers indeed was a feat in itself. But what was more interesting was the underlying tech theme of the entire fest.

The internet has changed the media landscape and there is no doubt in it. Yet while I sat and listened to the masters of the field from abroad I couldn’t help but realise that when it comes to communicating on the internet, we Indians are in the prehistoric ages still. There is a long way for us to go to catch up with the West where the web was born. What’s wrong is that we still continue to use the web like we do any offline medium. We use it to push brand’s communication. Why, probably because the client can’t get his head around what should be done online after having been primarily in the print space, or perhaps because the new age interactive agency is still the new kid on the block of the tried and tested print and OOH agency. The result, online campaigns that fail the ‘talkability’ test. They very often fail to become viral.

But all hope is not lost. There are indicators that this is changing. We are slowly coming out of the woods. The Facebook 20-20 Cricket game that is seeing Indians spend an average of Rs. 800 online to buy players is an example of not only brand connect and talkability but also the importance this medium is gaining. 


  1. I've been reading about this...there's evidence to show that users avoid looking at about half the banner ads placed on a page, but they remember what they do see. Visuals make a greater impression than words, and the Net seems to be good for creating brand awareness (talking about banner ads).

  2. Hey there! That was a good read... I was at GoaFest this year and if your were there as well you could spot yourself at these pics Please leave your comments... See you next year at GoaFest! Happy Blogging!!! :)