Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Greatest Story Ever Told – The Generation Gap

Now I am not referring to the Biblical movie by any chance. I am rather referring to the art of storytelling. Around a week back or so I finished Mass Effect 2. I was so massively impressed that I played the last level twice.  That’s a first for me. I also watched Clash of the Titans, in the cinema hall. However if I were to compare both experiences, the PC game was much more riveting and much more engrossing. Why? Because you are right in it, your every action affects how the story is told. This makes the story being told a more meaningful experience to the one who is watching it.

Is this a generation gap? Am I part of the next generation that finds gaming more meaningful than movies?  Today’s generations are now defined by technology they use and not age alone. So the SMS generation is different from the e-mail generation and the social networking generation. This becomes very evident by people you talk to who use these technologies.  Each uses their own jargon.  This new definition is even finding its way into the popular press. I noticed it in a newspaper article the other day. Something to ponder about.

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