Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mobile Marketing Empowering End Users

Picture this, you are out somewhere with friends and while walking past a classy store display you see some tech gadget that catches your eye. Though you would like to stop your gang of buddies has only one thing on their mind – food! While you queue up for a quick bite at a fast food joint your mind is still ticking away about what you’ve just seen. What do you do? Pull out your mobile phone and log onto supposedly India’s first product and price search engine for mobile users.

The site, an initiative of AXAAN Systems Pvt Ltd covers a wide range of gadgets from laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones, pen drives and many more. The site is a boon for customers who want to know a little bit more information at the time of purchase and who don’t want to engage that pesky salesman. However, their internet site does not exactly stand out of the crowd and seems similar to other run of the mill shopping sites one comes across.

To use this site a person merely needs to send an SMS to 53030 typing ‘CG’ to get price quotes for any product. Company officials are yet to declare whether this search facility is provided free of charge or whether there is a cost attached. For now, the site highlights the potential of synergising an interactive strategy with a mobile one.

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