Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maximum Pain...

Max Payne is one of the favorite games of mine. I have followed him from his first appearance in video gaming back in 2001. For me, the story of Max was one of a kind in video gaming industry. For me Max is the fallen hero, the last man standing, the guardian angel, the last hope.
I was waiting for Max Payne 3 eagerly for last few months. Max Payne 2 was released in 2002. After that, there was no news for Max Payne 3. So when I first heard of Max Payne 3, I was very excited.
But what have they done with you Max? I do admit, 10 years is a long time, a lot of things have changed. But in the mean time, you have lost control.
Maximum Paine….or Max Payne has a great, dark, gritty, film noir story line. It has bullet time famous by The Matrix. But in its current form, Max is nothing but a ‘gun for hire’.
Max lost his wife and a new born child in Max Payne 1. He started to investigate and took his revenge using the painkiller and the famous bullet time. In Max Payne 2, he found his love in Mona Sax but lost her in the end. In Max Payne 3, he watched at live porn, some strip dance, too much blood and head shot and finally he took a vacation.
In Max Payne 3, developers from Rockstar games were trying to satisfy their carnal desire on screen. There are too many characters, too many small stories, too much killing without the soul in place. They had created a full action game without any proper storyline or without the emotional turbulence that Max Payne series is famous for.
This is an injustice to all of us who loved Max so much.But that’s life. Life goes on and there are memories to cherish on. We can expect the same thing over and over, but people changes with time. So Max has evolved in Max Payne 3.
Whether this change is for good or bad, only time will tell. But for me, Max Payne 3 is a disaster.

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