Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eight craziest technology concepts

Innovation is one of the key word for technological advancement. Scientists, enthusiasts and like minded people always tries to innovate the existing technology or a device for their betterment or just to test their knowledge with the existing technology. For example, when Steve Jobs introduced the beautiful fonts for his Apple I system back in 1982, it was already with Xerox and Xerox never thought of introducing to the mass market as they were not sure about its popularity or usage. But, Apple showed it to the world and it became a norm for modern computers. This way a lot of today’s technology may be seen as obsolete to everyone as they are OUTRAGEOUS, WEIRD and CRAZIEST out of the existing lot. They may not be a proper fit in today’s world, but may be tomorrow someone get inspired by them and create ground breaking new technology or devices for the future.

This is about such 8 craziest technology concepts that may not worth the real world NOW, but may be tomorrow someone will get inspired from them and innovate completely new gizmos from them.
1. iPhone Steampunk by Karl Vanderbeek
Karl Vanderbeek has designed this crazy iPhone Steampunk model. This design supports 3G with up to 5G connectivity and the touch windows with inboard power plant. Brass, Walnut and leather were used to give this look and it can also take photos at a very impressive resolution. It also supports video call facility with great keyboard and location tracking facility. This was first presented in the iPhone concept contest and already it has got huge positive responses from the users.
2. Ora concept watch by Alexandros Stasinopoulos
You may think this is some sort of measuring tape. But this is actually a watch. Greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos designed this most unusual looking watch. He is an award winning designer and famous for product innovation and management. The watch designed in such a way through which the analog time strips will tell the time. The top strip will show the minutes, the second overlapping belt will show the hours, third narrow belt will show the current day of the week. All the strips are pulled through a series of gears to show the exact position of the time and other details. The colors of the strips are vibrant and very youthful.
3. Sling Shot Camera by Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim
When have you taken a photograph of some person in their most natural look and form? Most of the time whenever we are taking pictures of our loved one, all of they are conscious about the time and they tries to look great in the pictures. But this is not the real image of the person. If the person is funny in nature how will you capture the same in a photo? To solve this problem, Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim designed this crazy camera. The purpose behind this is to free people from their conscious state and let them relax in front of the camera. So whenever you try to take a picture using this sling shot camera, the subject initially thinks what’s going on and surprised in fear. Then in realization of the concept they will give you their most genuine smile. This camera takes picture by the vibration of the elastic band. And then you can transfer the pictures in to your computer with the help of the inbuilt USB port.
4. Switchital Clock by Matthias Pugin
Swiss people are famous for their craftsmanship and their famous clocks and Swiss designer Matthias Pugin is no exception. He was famous for his outrageous designs such as Feltphone, t02 Slide Phone. And now he has come up with Switchital Clock. This is a timepiece with digital letters. The digital letters are consists of small metallic bars which is attached to small magnets under the base. In every minute, the metallic bars rearrange themselves automatically to show the exact time. This is a brilliant innovation using magnets and their bi polar nature.
5. Slice PC Concept
This is one of the most bizarre creations and yet it is so emotional in nature. Each of the small slices is representing the folders in your computer such as My document, Movies, Music, Vacation in Hawaii, etc. So whenever you try to access the information from Vacation in Hawaii folder, you have to select the particular slice and then put it in the Slice Auxiliary Bowl unit to access the particular slice by touching it. All the slices are customizable and can be of different memory size. Also all the slices form a virtual storage space and forms like a ball and the entire information can be access by placing the ball in the Bowl. Also it can be locked by the help of biometric sensor so that no one else apart from the authorized user can access the files. So in a home where there are numerous computer systems, laptops, HD TV, these slices are useful for all these different devices. Father may want to access the information from My Documents folder, while the mother may be working on the pictures taken from Hawaii vacation and the children are ready to watch the animation flick. So all they have to do is to connect the respective slices with the computer/laptop/HD TV and each one can work or have fun at the same time.
6. Toe Mouse by Liu Yi
Designer Liu Yi has developed this Toe Mouse. On the very first look it may seems bizarre and weird, but on learning its purpose it may seems that it is a viable option. This concept mouse was designed by considering all those people whose upper part of the body is disabled and they cannot operate a computer by using the traditional mouse. This inspired by Flip Flop design. Sensors are present at each toe position to do a left click, right click or a double-click actions. The curvy design aims to make the device comfortable to ‘wear’ just like a pair of flip-flop beach sandals. This toe mouse is targeted to the disable person but it may also be helpful for gamers as well those who want some extra maneuverability from the combination of both the mouse in hand and toe.
7. Connection Glass by Priscilla Bernikowicz
One night, designer Priscilla Bernikowicz was in a bar with some friends to have some drink and to have some evening talk. But it was very loud and she was not able to place the order to the bartender nor she was able to communicate with her friends properly as well. Later she came out with the connection glass concept. Connection glass will let the user know about the other people in their vicinity in the bar and users can select others profile to see them. Later he/she can also send them messages using the connection glass. User can also exchange details with someone if he/she find other attractive/interesting by clinking their glass together. This way, people in the bars can talk/communicate with each other while enjoying the loud music.
8. 336 SMS-Controlled Mirror by Robert Stadler
When we go out from home, we leave important instructions or information by using ‘post it’ note or scape pieces of paper. But if Robert Stadler’s SMS controlled mirror become successful, then we may save paper. Whenever an SMS is sent to a user’s mobile, the text message will appear on this mirror as he/she approaches to it and then it will run through the surface of the mirror. Later, after a certain time, it will automatically fade from the mirror.
These are the top craziest product ideas ever have. Though most of them are not worth, these ideas are seeds for other innovative products in the future.

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